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Plants •  This little business officially started in 2022. The growth was rapid and unexpected, and before I knew it I was shipping plants all over the country and becoming USDA certified. It's been a whirlwind, and insanely stressful at times, but extremely rewarding. I've gotten to experience the best side of the plant enthusiast hobby, because our customers have been absolutely wonderful! I've excited for what's to come. I hope you are too!

Books •  I learned to fully read in the 6th grade, long after my classmates. I struggled learning this basic skill, and it wasn't until my grandmother noticed that I was faking my way through school that she took it upon herself to fix the problem. She taught me to read, and its the greatest gift I've ever been given. These days I read constantly. It's a passion of mine and I want to share that with other people! This is why The Garden Library not only sells books (both new and used, mostly in the form of 'Blind Date with a Book' listings) but also has a book club! Our book club is a small group of people voting on books each month and meeting for discussion and food! Even if you aren't local you can participate by starting discussions and message threads on our Facebook page. Come join us!

With a strong focus on ethics, you can trust us to always strive to do right by our customers. We aren't perfect, but we do everything in our power to make sure your purchasing experience is.

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