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These reverted Strawberry Shakes are thriving, but lack the signature Strawberry Shake look we all love. It is possible for them to regain their variegation, though I cannot guarantee it. Reversion can happen when cut and propagated. If the variegation never returns you’re left with a still quite beautiful Red Emerald, which is the non-variegated Strawberry Shake.

These ship in 3-4in nursery pots.

Upon arrival, please allow plant(s) to sit in a warm spot with moderate indirect light. I highly recommend leaving them in their square nursery pots for at least a few weeks before repotting to revive them and give them a chance to settle into their new environment. However, they can stay in this size nursery pot until the end of this growing season with no ill effects. If you immediately repot your plant, there will be no way for me to know if any problem that develops is due to potential damage caused by you so any guarantee will be void. PLEASE leave them in the pot they ship in for at least a few weeks.

Allow plant(s) to slowly adjust to whatever light source you plan to provide by moving the plant a little bit closer to said source each day. This is in an effort to help reduce shock.

There is a high likelihood your new plant could be very stressed from shipping. I do everything in my power to mitigate shipping stress, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Signs of shipping stress could include - though are not always limited to - curled or drooping leaves, discoloration, yellow spotting, crispy tips on leaves, and the loss of some leaves or stems. Virtually all types of shipping stress will rectify themselves within a week or two. During this time of recuperation, you can further ease stress by (1) not using any fertilizers (2) watering with very small amounts of water as opposed to larger typical waterings and (3) keeping the plant away from direct sunlight and heavy drafts or temperature swings.


Issues or disputes must be brought to my attention within 12 hours after delivery, with photos, so that I may do my best to address it! Once your order has arrived, if there is anything about which you are unsatisfied, please reach out to me prior to leaving an unfavorable rating. The satisfaction of my customers is very important to me, and I would cherish the opportunity to make right any issue with your order.

We ship out all plants on Mondays, and occasionally early Tuesday mornings. If your order is placed on or after Tuesday, it will ship the following Monday. We include heat packs for free when necessary or when requested on orders over $50. Despite this, we will refrain from shipping out live plants if the temperatures are expected to drop below 32°F at any point during transit. In the event of a severe drop in temperature, we will hold your order until a future date with more appropriate temperatures. Thank you for understanding!

Reverted Strawberry Shake Philodendron

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